Let’s Talk Bookish – Books as Gifts

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December 9: Books as Gifts (Hannah @ Hannah’s Library)

Prompts: Do books make good gifts? Do you ever give or receive books as gifts? Would you rather receive a book from your wish list or be surprised? What would you do if you didn’t like the book you were given? Would you expect someone to read a book you got them right away?

Welcome to another week of LTB here at DTRH everyone, I hope your December is going great! It may be exam time for some, and almost holidays for others, but whatever you may be up to, I hope it’s going well. Today’s topic is just in time for the holidays, as we may all be participating in gift exchanges, white elephants, or just partaking in the general holiday gift-giving trends (kudos to you if you aren’t though).

I think books make great gifts. Full stop. Even traditionally people who don’t “love” books don’t mind books as gifts for the most part, especially if you manage to pick a topic that they’re interested in. I mean there are maybe a couple of people out there who are totally against books (who are they?), but I think for the most part, the average person would appreciate a coffee table book, or a nice hardcover for their shelves. Maybe I’m totally biased, but I also think that this could be because a book doesn’t necessarily even need to be read to serve a function. Of course, it’s always better if it serves multiple functions!

I definitely receive books as gifts. I feel like all of us here in the bookish community will get a book, fairly often. But it’s a good thing I think! It really is a safe bet, as long as you know they don’t already have it. Also, I find that I’m more willing to buy nice expensive books for a gift for others rather than myself, I’m sure I’m not the only one in making that kind of justification. I know I get very excited when I get a nice new book, so I hope to bestow the same happiness on people when I gift them a book in return (particularly my bookish friends).

I have no expectations when it comes to gifts. A book on my wish list or not would do. I think overall I’d prefer to be surprised though. Books on my wishlist would be books that I would probably be willing to buy for myself eventually. So I guess in a way it’s better to get something as a surprise. In my experience, I am usually quite pleased with what people choose for me based on their expectations/observations about me, so I also enjoy that aspect of receiving a book!

Like I was saying before, even a book I don’t like can serve a purpose. A book can just stay on my shelf to fill it up, or serve as a gift to someone else later maybe. However, I usually get books I like from my friends, so I haven’t really had to deal with this problem too much.

I definitely wouldn’t expect someone to read a book they were given right away. I know everyone’s TBRs are a mile and a half long, and I also wouldn’t want to pressure anyone into reading something they’re not ready/free to read. Of course I do want to know as soon as possible what they thought about the book, but as long as they get back to me whenever that happens, I think I’m a happy camper!

How about you all? Do you enjoy getting books as gifts? Or do they take up too much space as it is already? Let me know in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish – Books as Gifts”

  1. Hah, that’s an interresting take. Maybe it’s because I don’t have real life reader friends to gift me books? But I would prefer the voucher over a book- especially if I didnt gave a specific title to be bought 😅 that way I can buy according to my mood or what I recently say hyped in the blogosphere.

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    1. Actually, I’m completely the same, I don’t have that many reader friends in my close friend group to gift me books either…! When in doubt, a voucher to a bookstore is always good though!

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  2. I love giving book gifts but I find it tricky rather than easy (although book gifts are definitely the best). 😉 I’d much rather give and receive a book from a wishlist or a book voucher rather than gift/get based on taste. I feel like even if you know the person it’s always a little tricky cos taste varies even within genres. I do think you’re right, that books can always make good props or decorations but I’d definitely prefer to get a book I would enjoy reading to fill the space on my shelves. 😜 Great post!

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    1. I do agree that it would be difficult to get the perfect book. But I think with books, if you choose carefully enough/with enough thought, I feel like the sentiment really shows, and it’s okay to miss by a little bit. Getting someone a book they wouldn’t buy for themselves might have value in itself? Of course, a book that is more than a decoration is ideal, haha! Thanks for commenting!


  3. Yeah, I find that I can usually buy a book even for people who would not describe themselves as readers. Cookbooks, trivia books, coloring books, and craft books usually work. I’ve also found some nice nonfiction books that are heavily illustrated/mostly photos that people who say that they “don’t read” usually end up reading! And some of my friends say they don’t read, but they do–they read comics and manga. So it’s really just knowing the person and what they’d like!

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