My Rating System

Welcome to Down the Rabbit Hole. Here is a wonderful haven for diehard bookworms like myself to share and suggest books, as well as their opinions of them, with each other. As this site grows (and hopefully flourishes), there will be more and more things available to explore here.

What is this website about?

This site currently holds reviews of the books I have read, with the synopsis of each book as seen on Goodreads as well as an image of the book cover. I know I tend to write A LOT, so for those of you out there who hate to read so many words, there is an Overall Recommendation section at the end of each of my reviews that summarize my thoughts in a more succinct manner. As for the rest who enjoy rants and want to learn more about what crazy things did go on in the story, everything else is for you. As a forewarning though, I do tend to change up my review formats occasionally ’cause I get bored. Don’t fret if something looks like I haven’t written it. Trust, it’s still totally me.

How to interpret my ratings?

To stick with the Alice in Wonderland theme, each review rates the book based on number of “Drink Me” Potions, with 5 Drink Me Potions as the maximum. Generally, and I do mean only generally as there may be exceptions, the ratings have the following meanings.

1 Drink Me Potion = just…no. I can’t be bothered to read it or didn’t finish. A waste of time.

1.5 Drink Me Potions = it was still pretty terrible but I finished it at least

2 Drink Me Potions = it was for the most part boring and/or hard to get through, but nonetheless readable

2.5 Drink Me Potions =  boring/dragged in some parts, but had some sort of redeemable element to the story

3 Drink Me Potions = it was at least mildly enjoyable. I overall liked it, although there may be certain parts I wished were different

3.5 Drink Me Potions = I enjoyed it, and I may be interested in looking up more from the author or into the rest of the series, if applicable

4 Drink Me Potions = I really liked it but as a one-time read; may recommend the book to others but there are still things I may not have loved.

4.5 Drink Me Potions = it was amazing in so many ways. A definite must-read and recommendation. Possibly may re-read

5 Drink Me Potions = hands down a masterpiece. A book that I would re-read again and again, and definitely put on my list of recommendations

So for now, why don’t you join me and take a leap down the rabbit hole to see what crazy adventures await you in your next book?