Let’s Talk Bookish – Predicting Someone’s Genre of Choice

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December 2: Can You Predict Someone’s Genre of Choice? (suggested by me!)

Prompts: What is your favorite genre and why? Is there a reason why those particular genres speak to you or capture your interest? What is your least favorite genre and why? Is the genre the biggest determination of whether you look for and choose a book, or is it something else? Do you find that you are able to predict what kind of genres people like based on their personalities? Do you notice patterns in which kinds of people like certain genres?

Welcome to the first LTB of December, everyone! Today’s topic was suggested by me, but as usual, I’m more curious to hear about all your thoughts than my own. As a result, I’ve barely thought of my own answer, but I’ll try to articulate something here nonetheless, of course. Without further ado, let’s go!

My favourite genre I would have to say are thrillers, but closely followed by mysteries since they’re very related, usually. My second would probably be fantasies. And of course a mix of these genres also works great for me. I love thrillers and mysteries for the emotional excitement and suspense, but also a bit of the logic game that comes with the ending of these books. In that sense, I enjoy the emotional ride as well as the more rationale ride of reading a book. I think that’s probably the best explanation I have for that. As for fantasies, I love a good world-builder, and I also really enjoy magic and mythology, so plenty of books fit that criteria as well!

My least favourite is probably non-fiction (is that specific enough?). Most of the time I can’t really get into it, and maybe it’s my cynicism, but there’s never a happy ending or if there is, it’s just manufactured for the reader. A lot of them also read quite preachy, so I’m usually not going to pick one up. Of course that doesn’t stop me from reading one if a friend suggests it, but for the most part I like to stick to the world of make-believe. After all, the possibilities for fiction are absolutely endless.

I think genre for me isn’t the only determination, but it will be a large factor. If it’s a book I am unsure about, but it’s my favourite genre, I will tend to lean in favour of reading it anyway. I have a lot of experience with mysteries and thrillers, so it also makes me feel like a good judge of these books too, so I tend to be very pliable when it comes to picking up a new book from my favourite genre(s). I also judge the title and cover art, and of course the little synopsis on the back to see if it can catch my attention.

I always like to think that after I meet people I can generally predict what books they’d like, once I know them well enough. However, I think it really is a toss-up sometimes. My guess here is that reading is such a private activity, for the most part, and usually speaks to your most inward parts of your personality, that you may not necessarily let show. So I am often also surprised at what people tend to enjoy reading in the comforts of their own bubbles. But I think with this line of reasoning, it totally makes sense. Just because someone likes romances, doesn’t mean they’re outwardly going to be a romantic person, for example.

I do think there are patterns in everyone’s choices though. So some people avoid long sentences and tough words. Some people like fast or slow paced. Some people need lots of world building and scenery describing. Or some people like varying through different types of books not to get bored! I really think there’s a genre (or genres) for everyone and that’s why we have booklovers of all kinds, which is amazing. For me, with my now busy life, I tend to enjoy quick reads, usually medium- or fast-paced, with lots of intrigue and good weaving of plots that culminate in a great denouement. Like I said, something that appeals to both my emotional and rational side.

What do you all enjoy reading, and can you predict books based on other’s personalities? Let me know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish – Predicting Someone’s Genre of Choice”

  1. That was an interresting prompt! Fair to say I never thought of predicting someone’s preffered genre.. but then again I didn’t had much readers around me either 😅


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