Let’s Talk Bookish – DNFing Books

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October 7: DNFing books (Mint @ Mint Loves Books)

Prompts: DNF is an acronym that stands for did not finish. What makes you DNF a book? How often do you DNF books? What’s the silliest or pettiest reason why you DNF’d a book? Do you review books that you DNF?

Hello everyone and welcome to another week here of LTB here at DTRH! It is now October and time is flying way too quickly. But nevertheless, we start this month with an exciting topic that perhaps may be more hush-hush? Can’t wait to hear what you all do regarding this topic!

I personally try and finish all books I pick up and start reading. Caveat being I usually won’t take huge risks with a book that I probably won’t like, and I also try not to commit to books that are too long, so that even if I don’t like it, I can usually make it through. I just generally don’t like the idea of not finishing a book, since it may be me not giving it a fair chance. Though of course I am sure there are many reasons why a book can just be unbearable.

I really do try my best not to DNF a book though, and so I actually don’t remember any time in recent history that I didn’t follow through and just finish it. Honestly, it is more likely that a book will not interest me from the start and I won’t pick it up to begin with, rather than not finishing something that I have already started and committed to.

I suppose this is a really big sign that I’m pretty lucky with the books I choose, rather than my own personal perseverance (though I feel like I am good at making it through not-so-good books). I think what tends to happen when I am not as interested is that I start to skim more and more, but I will usually want to find out what happens at the end to see if there’s any redemption. That still counts as finishing though, right?

We do review books here at DTRH that we DNF, but like I said, DNFing at all will generally be the exception rather than the rule. I’d love to know what silly or petty reasons you all have for DNFing a book though. I don’t think I have any good (or rather, bad) stories to share about not finishing a book. But I hope overall not to have to put down any book at all!

How do you all deal with the urge to DNF a book? Or are you like me and like to push through even some dreadful books? Let me know in the comments below!


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