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Red (Taylor’s Version) Book Tag

While I wouldn’t say I’m a diehard Swiftie, I grew up during some formative years listening to her music, including her first release of Red. Memories of first heartbreak, first love, and everything in between are so intertwined with her music because I listened to them non-stop on a loop.

So although it’s been a while since Red (Taylor’s Version) was released, I’ve definitely been feeling like T.Swift during work lately. I’m sure it didn’t help that I’ve been seeing this tag around here and there and it’s like a worm that dug deep into my subconscious.

I don’t know who started this so please let me know who to credit, but I saw this on Rachel’s blog and Georgia’s blog so please check out their answers to this tag.

State of Grace – Best opening book in a series

I gotta say, there’s nothing quite like a Neal Shusterman book, but Scythe is something out of the ballpark. While I liked the sequel (and have yet to finish the 3rd book), nothing compares with the initial introduction to this world of reapers and their moral code. It left me thinking for so long afterwards what it would take to be a good reaper – and yes, I realize I would never get to be one to make such hard decisions.

Red – A book that makes you feel a whole spectrum of emotion

Off the top of my head, this book popped up because of a certain scene that shall not be described but it definitely covers the whole spectrum from excitement to tension to pain. Give me a shout in the comments below if you agree!

Treacherous – A slow book that you ended up loving

I actually just finished this ARC which will be releasing next month and initially I felt it dragged so much. It’s marketed as a political fantasy and it’s very much the case. It follows our protagonist, the ruthless princess of a war-torn kingdom, as she negotiates and strives to save all her people from their enemy. But the more I read it (I’m too stubborn to DNF most of the time), the more I fell for the romance and storyline until I actually couldn’t put it down. I’ll write it up in a review in the coming week or so but definitely give this one a chance when it releases!

I Knew You Were Trouble – A book you knew would be bad and ended up being bad

I…I just knew from the synopsis that this would be bad. Yet it’s oddly so beloved by many in the book community? So I forced myself to read it – which took forever because it’s so long AND so slow – and still came out the other end pretty much as dissatisfied as I thought I would be. I’m not sure what others are seeing that I’m not seeing. Is it all the sex scenes??

All Too Well – The book that has stayed with you the most

It has to be The Host. Over a decade after its release, it’s still one of favourite books – if not my absolute favourite – out of all the books I’ve ever read. It’s storytelling is so poignant, posing the question “what makes us human?” and exploring it through the lens of a parasitic alien creature who needs a host body to live, such as your average adult human. I don’t care that people disparage that it’s “the Twilight author“. She can write, especially if the subject matter is of a more serious tone than sparkling vampires (not to say I didn’t love Twilight…because I totally did).

22 – Coming of Age book

This is such a fun book, perfect for the summer, as the quieter half of a best friend duo goes searching for her missing best friend with only a list of challenges her bestie left behind as the clue to her whereabouts. I totally related to the protagonist as an introvert myself, but I loved this journey she went on to challenge herself and get out of her comfort zone as she discovered who she could be on her path to reuniting with her closest friend who knows her best.

I Almost Do – The one you keep almost reading and don’t

I swear, I’m going to pick this up and finish it soon. It’s been on my nightstand table since January but there’s just always another book to finish first with deadlines *she said pitifully and hoping it doesn’t sound as bad of an excuse as it sounds*

We Are Never Getting Back Together – A book you want to reread

I’ve been thinking of picking this one off my shelf recently to reread again. I just remember loving the romance a lot (think bad boy on a motorcycle and the good girl pairing up) but the rest of the story is a little hazy in my memory.

Stay Stay Stay – A book everyone dislikes but you love

I wouldn’t say everyone dislikes it, but it has a lower Goodreads rating than most of the books I’ve read and I gave this book 5 stars. I still stand by my rating. It’s a cute, fun book set in England with a romance I am very entertained by while getting to sightsee one of my favourite places in the world through a book. What’s not to love?

The Last Time – What was the last book you read?

I finally finished this memoir while cooking dinner – thank goodness because I kept craving Korean food while listening to this audiobook. I didn’t know Michelle from her music prior to picking this book up but I can see why people loved this so much. I may be fully Asian instead of half like she is, but I empathized a lot with her childhood upbringing – those Asian stereotypes have some grain of truth, you know? – and wanted to see how she dealt with the grief of losing a parent in a way I’m blessed to not have to face yet.

Holy Ground – Fan-favourite book

Does anything more need to be said?? An oldie but SUCH a goodie. My Will Herondale’s in here (and on the cover!) and everything is right in the world (minus his heartache in the book).

Sad, Beautiful, Tragic – A book with any of these words in the title

This is another ARC coming out next month that I’m going to read next. I’ve been loving the books about Asian protagonist and Asian identity in a predominantly non-Asian society. I relate more to them than I realized although I felt like I was fortunately sheltered living in a large Asian community within a diverse city. I can’t wait to read this, especially during AAPI month.

The Lucky One – A book about fame

Literally about social media influencers and the cost of fame. I loved the mystery of it, but also the insight into what these famous influencers may go through. It was a fast and thrilling read that also teaches a good lesson.

Everything Has Changed – A book that changed how you view something

This book left me with a lot of food for thought. I unfortunately and ashamedly didn’t read too many stories by Black authors or on Black experience before but this book Fives and I picked up was great material for thoughtful discussion on Black teen incarceration. It added to the thoughts already swirling in my head from the documentary 13th on the Thirteenth Amendment in America (go watch that if you haven’t already!).

Starlight – A book that makes you feel warm and cozy and magical

Best friends to lover romance trope, anyone? My ABSOLUTE favourite and any story that does it well makes my heart swell a few sizes (in a safe way, not in a I’m-about-to-have-a-heart-attack-way). It just begs to be read on a cozy quiet afternoon to myself.

Begin Again – A book you’d read on a Wednesday in a cafe

I feel I read fantasies better in busy public settings where the story I’m reading is nowhere similar to my current setting because then I’d get distracted between fictional life and real life. With a good fantasy book – honestly, any would do – I could truly do the whole escapism thing and not even realize I’m sitting in a loud café among strangers.

The Moment I Knew – A book that looks happier than it actually is

I mean, the title kinda suggests it’s about death, and therefore grief, but the cover itself looks nice and peaceful in a way, doesn’t it? Was that just me? Anyway, I wasn’t prepared to have a cryfest when I first picked this one up so I’m still working my way back to it.

Come Back, Be Here – A book series you want to make a resurgence OR a book series you want to be finished/the author to come back to

This is volume 3 in the Night World series which contains books 7-9. There’s supposed to be a book 10. It’s like the best example where an author just decides to never publish the literal ending of the whole series? I mean, there were rumours it would potentially be devastating and the author was re-writing things, so perhaps it’s best none of that ever became canon and we’re left with our mostly happily ever afters instead of my favourite characters being killed off in battle.

Girl At Home – A book that feels like you’re betraying your favourite book/author/character

I already knew Leigh was a good author based on her other series I read, but oh boy, it’s competition for one of the best adult books I’ve read because it has so many different things in it that I love. I honestly can’t wait for book 2 and am a bit anxious it’s going to ruin the high standard this book set.

Better Man – A book with a dark/morally gray love interest

The protagonist in this book was super morally grey. I mean, it’s mentioned near the beginning that she murdered her ex and got away with it? I waver on how much I love morally grey characters. I suppose it depends on the redeemability of what makes them “grey”, but this girl was kind of hard to swallow.

Babe – A book where a character gets cheated on

The story literally starts off because she got out of a relationship by finding out her ex was cheating on her. I feel like more romance books probably have this somewhere as a plot device in the story, but this was the only one I could think of. Maybe I just don’t read enough romances?

And that is all! What’s your favourite Taylor song in this album? Agreements or disagreements with my book choices? I’d love to chat with you in the comments below!

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