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The ABC Book Challenge ~ D

The ABC book challenge features a fun weekly post dedicated to interesting books that have been read or would hopefully be read starting with a specific letter of the alphabet.

While I do not know the original creator for this, I have seen this posted by Sofii (A Book. A Thought) and Tiana (The Book Raven ). Check out their sites ’cause they are amazing!

And this week, we’re onto the letter “D”!

Memorable titles starting with “D”

Dare You To by Katie McGarry: I already mentioned this series once with letter C but I fell in love with the writing and the romance between two individuals who didn’t seem right for each other at first. I sped through this book in one day and even now, can’t stop raving about it out of Katie’s many works.

The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman: this was my first real taste of historical fantasy and there’s no going back for me. Set in regency era of London, with kickass characters and some demon slaying and handsome love interests, I don’t know if there’s any other book quite like it for me. This was definitely the start of something amazing so please do yourself a favor and check it out!

Defy by Sara B. Larson: a fun fantasy with princes, magic and a girl disguised as a boy, this book was the formula for everything I love in a good fantasy novel. While it may not carry the most original storyline, this debut still lingers in my heart.

Divergent by Veronica Roth: yes, hopping onto the bandwagon but as dystopian worlds go, this book was creative and intriguing from the start. It may be overhyped sometimes but I think the hype was well warranted.

Dream a Little Dream by Kerstin Gier: strange, whimsical and utterly charming, this translated from German novel was like taking a trip down the rabbit hole into a world of dreams and shadows. For a YA read, it’s considerably less dark than most works in recent times and it’s truly a breath of fresh air and fun. Oh, and the cover is absolutely gorgeous!

Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy: soon to be a major notion picture, this lovely story about loving who you are and being proud of your own body warmed my heart to the core. I hope the film does it justice as this was a true gem among contemporaries.

Titles I want to read starting with “D”

Dagger and Coin by Kathy MacMillan: sequel to a beautiful book on words and prose, Sword and Verse, I’m ecstatic to see there’s more to a world I thought was pure wonder. Although a word of caution as I did think the ending to the first book was fine as it was.

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White: all I’ve heard was it’s a bit dark and well, Frankenstein-y, but I’m so down for this book celebrating the 200th year or Mary Shelley’s novel!

Dawn Study by Maria V. Snyder: I’ve loved this series since day 1 but the newer books I’ve struggled through a bit more. I’ve yet to finally finish this series (again), maybe out of fear that I won’t love it, but I aim to pick it up someday. Hopefully sooner.

The Devil’s Thief by Lisa Maxwell: is there more to say about the sequel to The Last Magician? More magic set in 1900s New York and secret orders hunting down our protagonists while they’re hunting down their own relics? I can’t wait to dive into this one!

Have you read or want to read any of these books? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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