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25 Bookish Facts about Andge

Hey everyone! Just your lovely bookworm here who wanted to change a few things up on the blog in between reviews.

I first saw this wonderful list of facts over with Sara @ The Bibliophagist! Check out her site! It’s absolutely fun and filled with exciting content updated all the time 🙂

So here I go (and hopefully you’ll learn some more weird stuff about me)!

1. I own 3 rather large bookshelves and it’s still packed to the brim. I know, right? Why do I have so many books that there’s still some I can’t fit in? I should do a post one day here (if you’d all like) on how I’m gonna clean and reorganize the chaos that is my lifetime collection of books.

2. I tend not to re-read too many books. Unless I absolutely adored them and just have to re-immerse myself into that world ♥️

3. I grew up reading mostly mystery books. That’s right. This includes nostalgic series like Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden (the reprints, ok? I’m not that old), and the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes. Guess some things never change or lose their charm.

4. I like to borrow books from the library still. I mean, my local library keeps up to date with all the latest YA books. And it’s frankly free so sign me up! (So sorry, bookstore, though I’m very tempted to buy books more now that I’m staring at you all day).

5. Currently, I read more on my ereader apps on my phone than with physical hard copies. So sue me. I’ve jumped ship – one I said I’d never do when things like kindle & kobo started becoming more popular – but it’s so much handier to carry different books at once wherever I go.

6. Second hand bookstores are the greatest (for bookworms on a budget). Shhhh, don’t tell my store I said that. Though technically, I think most people would agree, you know?

7. I read multiple books simultaneously more often now than just reading one book at a time. It used to be so easy to finish one book before even thinking of moving onto another. But now I guess I’m more impatient with age? And some books are more boring than others so that brings me to the next thing about me…

8. I don’t like to DNF a book unless absolutely necessary. I just can’t. I feel bad about giving up. And I already feel like the book is something up my alley or else I wouldn’t have tried reading it. But there are some books that are just that bad.

9. I’m Canadian but I don’t love too many Canadian books aside from Anne of Green Gables. Does this make me a bad Canadian? But a true LM Montgomery fan ♥️ I grew up with Anne’s adventures at least, and there’s nothing I’d change about that.

10. I like to think I’m a fast reader but I’m really not. Really. I should time myself some time but I kinda don’t wanna know just how slow I am. Also, I’m a terrible skimmer.

11. I arrange my books by position on my bookshelves based on how much I like them. Aka the ones I don’t love go way up on the top shelves that get dusty and my allergies absolutely hate them and wouldn’t want to disturb them. Yeah…you should see my bookshelves.

12. I used to imagine some of my favourite characters from different stories could somehow meet up…in like some parallel universe where all story characters existed. At least I know my imagination was intact. Maybe I should go into the world of writing novels. Hmm.

13. I don’t read in the bath. A) I am really clumsy and definitely don’t wanna drop my paper book or my phone into the water. Buh-bye dear friends. And b) I don’t really take baths…kinda hard to read while vertically standing in a shower stall. I mean, it’s possible but…

14. My guilty pleasure kind of book are cheesy romances or rom-coms. Like Sophie Kinsella type rom-coms which are absolutely amazing – and so normally not my kinda thing. And in the vein of Debbie Macomber romances too. I know. Very diverse tastes.

15. I was one of those nerdy kids who stayed at the bookstore for hours to read…without paying for the book. And now life comes full circle where I’m staring at kids who just sit at the store reading for hours. I should be paid as a part time babysitter too.

16. In my busiest year at school, I managed to read over 100 books. Yeah. It’s true. My Goodreads meter doesn’t lie. How I did it? I have absolutely no idea. Though I suppose procrastination and escaping from my busy life might’ve had something to do with it.

17. I currently work part time at a bookstore. In case that wasn’t evident yet from some other ramblings and posts. And I LOVE it! Nothing beats getting to work while surrounded by the things you love.

18. I’ve never “read” a book in audiobook format. Yet. It’s possibly changing. Who knows? I may be branching out and trying new things.

19. I used to only watch book movies after I’ve read the books. Yeah…not so much anymore. So many books on my TBR but sometimes you just wanna sit back and watch a fun movie, you know?

20. When I carry physical books around on the go, I wrap them carefully in a plastic bag. For safety reasons, of course. How else am I to protect them from the outside elements (like rain!) or from potential folds to the cover. What do you do to keep them safe?

21. I love lending books to friends – sharing in the reading, you know – but sometimes I forget who has which book. In fact, I think I’m still waiting on a book or two from a friend. Oops.

22. I love old books, including classics and books written way before I was born. That’s right. I feel like I’m an old soul at heart sometimes, being a huge fan of older authors like JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis and classics like – you guessed it – Alice in Wonderland.

23. I recently started buying YA bookcrates and they’re so much fun! I love the idea of making themes around certain YA books with local artists crafting specialty items to match that theme. I encourage you all to try out a book crate some time if you can save up for one.

24. I read mostly late at night since I’m totally a night owl and a zombie in the morning. I can barely form a sentence in my head first thing let alone want to blurrily read a book in my hand. At least I’m not thinking about brains…I think.

25. I use scraps as bookmarks while never using all my beautiful actual bookmarks. But I NEVER dog-ear the corner of a page to bookmark it. That’s a huge no-no. Any friend who does that gets a big earful from my almost-tearstained face.

So, do you sound like me with any of these above peculiarities on books and reading? Leave a comment below to share our similarities and/or differences!

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