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The ABC Book Challenge ~ A

I’ve been meaning to get into more fun and interesting posts on this blog to give some diversity and to share myself more with you.

I’ve had the honour of seeing so many other amazing bloggers out here, sharing their passions and overall, themselves. One of the cool posts I wanted to join in on was the ABC book challenge. I’ll be listing and explaining some cool titles I’ve read and want to read starting with a certain letter each week!

While I do not know the original creator for this, I have seen this posted by Sofii (A Book. A Thought) and Tiana (The Book Raven ). Check out their sites ’cause they are amazing!

So let’s start with “A”, shall we?

Memorable titles starting with “A”

Aftermath by Kelley Armstrong: I’m a sucker for well done mysteries that don’t have obvious culprits from the start. While the premise of the book is very realistic in this day and age, I found it wasn’t just a simple story that glorified the horrors faced in school shootings but explored the concept from all angles without an underlying bias. I think it’s an excellent story for teenagers (and older people, of course) to read and discuss!

Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter: Yes. An Alice in Wonderland retelling. Of course this is on the list. And oddly enough, Alice + zombies make for a great combination. With hot males and kickass fighting against – you guessed it – zombies, it’s a fun story that gets your heart pounding and out of the seriousness of this world.

All Things New by Lauren Miller: I love every Lauren Miller book I’ve read and this was no exception. A little darker than the others, it’s no less thought provoking as this book dived into deeper concepts such as the masks we wear and the invisible bruises we carry on the inside. This is a hidden gem that should be read by a wider audience!

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins: I’m more picky when it comes to YA contemporaries but this book was a fun read of young love in the beautiful city of Paris. Whether this makes you wanna travel to the City of Lights (like I did) or swoops you in on an emotional rollercoaster ride, I thought this was a cute, summer read.

Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian: This debut novel surprised me, although its premise wasn’t anything particularly original. I liked the resilience of the protagonist and can’t wait for more in this trilogy.

Titles I want to read starting with “A”

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven: I always thought this sounded like it would end sadly but I do want to give it a try someday. I feel like always reading happy endings aren’t necessarily realistic, as long as this ends in a bittersweet way and not just plain horrible for everyone involved.

Allied by Amy Tintera: The conclusion to the Ruined trilogy is a definite must-read! I’ve just yet to find time to get to this on my TBR unfortunately.

Archenemies by Marissa Meyer: I don’t think this title should be of any surprise as Marissa Meyer’s new Renegade series has had everyone in a twist. I’m really looking forward to diving into it!

The Archived by Victoria Schwab: I’m a later player to some of Victoria Schwab’s works, although if you can believe it, I have had her books on my TBR for years even before her more recent YA and adult books exploded into such fame. I cannot wait to read more from her.

The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X.R. Pan: I’m currently listening to this one on audiobook (I know right?!), and the narrator makes it all the more fun. I liked the concept of colours mixed in with emotions as the protagonist navigates Taiwanese culture in the aftermath of her mother’s suicide. I can’t wait to finish!

That’s it for now! Leave a comment below if you have any other titles you thought was great that I missed 🙂 Until next time~

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