Review: The Seven Year King by Kiki Hamilton

Series: The Faerie Ring #3

It is the seventh year—the time when the UnSeelie Court must pay a tithe to Seelie royalty to remain a separate entity. Sacrificed at midnight on Samhain, the UnSeelies call their offering the Seven Year King. This time, Donegal plans to sacrifice someone Tiki loves. To make matters worse, Fiona disappears, Johnny lies near death, and the threat of the liche comes closer. Tiki’s only hope is that she and Rieker can find an ancient faerie treasure and outsmart the Winter King before the turning of the seasons. In this third book of The Faerie Ring series, Tiki is pulled between two worlds—and unable to find peace in either.

A deadly sacrifice, a heartbreaking choice, an uncertain future…

4 Drink Me Potions

It still constantly amazes me how well Hamilton was able to immerse the land of mythical fey with 19th century London.

In this 3rd installment of the Faerie Ring series, we get to see more of the Otherworld as Tiki spends more time there, having accepted her role in leading the Seelie Court. The novel starts off with a bang as 1) Dain has been captured at the end of The Torn Wing and possibly going to be sacrificed on Samhain, and 2) Johnny has been captured by the liche, aka hideous monster that’s been doing the Winter King’s bidding.

Torn between keeping her family safe in London and saving those who need her in the Otherworld, I was glad to see that this book really picked up the pace where The Torn Wing was a little lacking. Without ruining too much, basically some action starts happening as the liche continues to hunt down Tiki and her family, in particular Fiona.

And as always, Hamilton is the best at incorporating tidbits of new information and introducing new characters. This time, we get to see the amazing (and sometimes horrifying) creatures of the fey. From tree dryads (who are really witches!) to ugly hobgoblins and their distant relatives the Redcaps, crazy things continue to happen as Tiki embarks to rescue Dain.

I smell a love triangle with Dain, but for those who don’t love them, rest assured, I don’t think Hamilton made those hints of feelings into anything more, at least on Tiki’s side of things. Her heart is safely with Rieker (as it well should be). Oh and finally! Some seriously hot romantic action goes on here with our favourite pickpocket-slash-handsome-lord.

The one thing I felt a little off with this story was Johnny and Fiona’s romantic chemistry. I honestly didn’t feel like they knew each other well enough before suddenly, they were “in love” or something like it from the way Fiona freaked out about Johnny’s capture. But anyway, this book really won’t disappoint with suspense OR romance. The land of the fey and the gorgeous old city of London ever continues to amaze me in The Seven Year King. Not to mention, a few more real life facts/artifacts thrown into the story!

Overall Recommendation:
The Seven Year King was a truly enjoyable read. Hamilton is a master story-weaver as she immerses us into both the land of the fey and 19th century London this time. With two friends’ lives hanging in the balance, Tiki and her companions are on a timeline to save them. Not to mention there is still a horrible monster hunting them down for the Winter King. This surely sets the foundation for the ultimate conclusion to the series. Please, do yourself a favour and read it. Romance? History? Fantasy? Suspense/action? No other story blends these elements as well as this does.

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