Review: Biggest Flirts by Jennifer Echols

Series: Superlatives #1

biggest flirts -jennifer echolsTia and Will’s lives get flipped upside down when they’re voted Yearbook’s Biggest Flirts in this sassy novel from the author of Endless Summer and The One That I Want.

Tia just wants to have fun. She’s worked hard to earn her reputation as the life of the party, and she’s ready for a carefree senior year of hanging out with friends and hooking up with cute boys. And her first order of business? New guy Will. She can’t get enough of his Midwestern accent and laidback swagger.

As the sparks start to fly, Will wants to get serious. Tia’s seen how caring too much has left her sisters heartbroken, and she isn’t interested in commitment. But pushing Will away drives him into the arms of another girl. Tia tells herself it’s no big deal…until the yearbook elections are announced. Getting voted Biggest Flirts with Will is, well, awkward. They may just be friends, but their chemistry is beginning to jeopardize Will’s new relationship—and causing Tia to reconsider her true feelings. What started as a lighthearted fling is about to get very complicated…

2.5 Drink Me Potions

Biggest Flirts had such a huge potential for me to love it. I love stories where the least likeliest people find out that they can be more than what their surface selves are like, and see that they’re meant for each other.

Tia had just met Will, the New Guy. Now, Tia is a rather strong protagonist. She is very open with boys and looks forward to hook ups rather than relationships. She absolutely gets terrified of any position of authority and tries her best to weasel out of them. She’s smart, but only lets it come out when she’s upset and wants to “put things in order”. Like on a multiple choice test. Or cleaning out her house. It’s a different look for a main character that isn’t seen so often, plus she actually has a vivid personality that isn’t necessarily reminiscent of someone else. I didn’t have a problem with that.

Now, what I did have a problem with was the way she would string Will along. She knew he wasn’t the type of guy that only wanted meaningless hook ups. He wanted a relationship, one with her in fact, and he would do anything to chase her for a date.

Their cute flirting in the first week of school made sense, since Tia had secret feelings for him too. But NO! It didn’t matter that she herself knew she felt something…more for Will. No boyfriend. Period.

And to make things worse, when she saw him with another girl, she wasn’t making it easy on him to find someone else. Yes, Will was also at fault for still carrying feelings for her, but she turned him down. Repeatedly. A guy can only handle so much rejection, right? Apparently not Will.

So for most of the story, I’m waiting for her to admit that he’s the exception she should make in her no-boyfriend rule. It was torturous though! It was obvious that Will loved her, but love is a scary concept for Tia Cruz.

Just when it was getting good (finally!), the story just ends. ENDS. I’m so upset at that! I feel like I didn’t have enough of the two of them, together. The flirting between them was the only highlight for me in this story. I sat in suspense for 300+ pages to find that the story stopped way too soon.

All I can say is, I hope the next book, Perfect Couple will be less torturous for me. This was a disappointment, and I literally skimmed the last bits of the book to see if my eyes were REALLY deceiving me at the way it ended.

Overall Recommendations:
What could’ve been a really good romantic story of a girl who won’t let anyone close to her heart, and a sweet new guy who had such good chemistry with her, it turned out to be a major disappointment.

Tia was a flawed and realistic girl, wonderfully made, but she literally led Will on for the longest time. Although she said no with her mouth, her body language clearly showed she wanted to say yes. Ughh, it was torturous to wait out for her decision about him, but the ending wasn’t worth that wait. It cut off the story too soon, just as it was finally getting exciting.

Biggest Flirts may just be my most disappointing read so far. Don’t carry too many expectations at the beginning and it may be somewhat decent.

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