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May 5: Long Series vs. Short Series (Hannah @ Hannah’s Library)

Prompts: What is the ideal number of books in a series? Does it depend on the genre? Do you prefer longer series with five or more books, or shorter series with less than that? Have you ever read a duology and if so, did you wish it was longer, or was two books enough for the story?

Welcome to another week of LTB here at DTRH, everyone! It is now May, and time is flying rapidly by. Unfortunately it is not quite spring yet where I am, but I hope it’s nicer where you all are! Today’s topic is a new one I don’t think I’ve seen before, so I’m super glad for Hannah’s suggestion. Without further ado, let’s discuss!

The first prompt is certainly quite a loaded question. The ideal number of books in a series is: just the right amount. But of course, that is not really an answer. I think generally, two or three books in a series is great. I think when it gets to four, it can be a little bit exhausting, unless it’s really good—but even then, it’s really difficult to have four really great books. I think of Stalking Jack the Ripper series as a decent four-book series, but I think generally even with two- or three-book series, it can be really hard to keep your audience.

Number of books in a series definitely does correlate with genre. In my mind, it would be unsurprising that the fantasy books often have two or three books to their series. But I think it makes sense, since world-building generally takes time, and the more that is explored, the more words that are needed. The genres I read a lot of, which are thrillers and mysteries, definitely doesn’t lend itself it sequels.

I think I generally prefer duologies and trilogies. Instantly the ones that come to mind are: Six of Crows and Caraval, respectively. It just allows for a lot of exploration of the different characters and the world-building. Of course, this is by no means necessary, but if a world is developed well enough and left open in the first book, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were readers and fans who would want more of it. That’s certainly how I feel about some books, and that is why we all cry out for sequels from time to time, right?

I rarely ever read anything with five books or more. Harry Potter is the main one that comes to mind, and other ones that I read as a child. Nowadays, it often just feels like such a big commitment to even commit to a book or two, I can’t remember what it’s like to read book after book in the same series! Because of the genres I read, I often only read standalones, and I generally prefer them, just so that I don’t feel the pressure of reading a sequel. But that being said, nothing wrong with a good sequel if the first book is just that good.

I think as long as the author has in mind that a book is complete after two or three books, it never feels too short. Of course, often I might want to see more of a character, or more of a particular world, or more of the mechanics of the magic involved, but these are just things that are also sometimes best left to the imagination as well. I think it’s always hard to say whether a series is too short or too long objectively, just because it really depends what piqued the reader’s interest in the first place. Of course, if you’re into the characters and their development, more books on world-building may not satisfy your thirst. So it really all depends. In general, I don’t think a duology is too short, though!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish – Long or Short Series”

  1. I’m on board with you for this one! Duology and trilogy is usually what I prefer- even better if the books can be read as standalone and don’t necessarily need to read the others, or read them in specific order.

    Two french series that I like are quite lenghty; my horror one has 5 books, one prequel and the fifth is in two parts, and then the one I loved growing up as a diary form had 8books, it just gotten a 9th one 3-4yrs ago. Id say that’s my limit 😂 whenever I see reeeally long series, it totally discourage me from even starting it..

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