Let’s Talk Bookish – Buying Too Many Books

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April 21: Buying More Books than You Can Read (Laura @ Life Love Read)

Prompts: Do you buy a lot of books? Do you read all of the books you buy right away? Or do you buy more books than you can read? How do you choose which books you buy? 

Welcome to another week of LTB here at DTRH, everyone! The weather has been a rollercoaster recently but I think spring is coming…kind of. Today’s topic is, I’m sure, quite the relatable one, but I think I know what most people are going to say already—that our bookshelves are all overflowing and that we are mostly moving to non-traditional media like e-books and audiobooks. Let’s see if I’m right!

I don’t generally buy a lot of books. But that is not for want of trying. If I had the funds and the space, I think I would always go to bookstore and buy books. I’ve recently really enjoyed going to old/used bookstores and looking for little treasures there too. It is honestly so hard to resist, but I think I already have way too many books, so I definitely have to remember to pace myself, which I do!

I do usually read books that I buy right away, because I bought them for that very purpose. However, books I receive as gifts might take some time to get to. Or if I buy (gasp) multiple books at once, that can take me some time. But if I end up buying the occasional book, it’s usually to satisfy a curiosity right away, which usually means instant reading session.

I usually limit myself to one book that I really want at a time. But if there’s a good sale, like those $5-$6 books…it’s just so hard to resist sometimes. There are a few classics out there I haven’t read yet, and those are usually the opportunities for me to pick it up and get to it.

I usually choose books that look good on a shelf even after I’ve read them to buy. After all, it’s unlikely that I read the average book more than once. So it better serve at least some aesthetic value in my home! Or at least, sentimental value or meaningful in some way. In general though I’ve been trying to limit my book buying for only my very favourites—that helps to slow the purge of books I have to do every so often!

How about you all? Book-buying crazes or nah? I feel like most of us have been a lot more conservative with how much we buy and tend to stick to digital versions for the sake of space and perhaps paper/tree conversation. But let me know in the comments below what you do!


6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish – Buying Too Many Books”

  1. I definitely buy more books than I can read! haha. I’m trying to be better this year by being a little more picky about what books I get. It’s hard though, because you never know if you’ll love or hate a book or not. I’ve been wrong both ways about books. Sometimes it depends on the author – whether or not I’ll definitely purchase a book or not.


    1. That’s actually such a good add! I sometimes buy books just to support the author…whether that particular book is actually that great or not doesn’t matter too too much sometimes….

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  2. I definitely have a problem when it comes to buying way too many books. It’s my goal to one day have my very own library room in my home. But recently I am trying to be more careful about what I buy only going for books I have already read and loved or those that I have a really strong interest in reading. I am also making a lot more use of used bookstores rather than always buying new.


    1. Yeah, I think everyone in the community in the community is generally getting better about where they’re buying their books, which I think is a really nice trend! Also I’ve seen an increase of book exchanges and street “libraries” which I think is an awesome change. Totally understand the library goals—that’s definitely one of mine too!

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  3. Ive been buying to read recently.. but just because that was my mood at the moment, and I didnt reaally had anything nonfiction/true crime available 😅 general rule of thumbs I maybe get 4 larger book hauls per year? Depending on how quick I am to make my unreads go down..

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