Let’s Talk Bookish – Emergency Books

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February 10: Emergency Books (The Bageler @ It’s the Bageler)

Prompts: Do you carry around emergency books? The Bageler explained the concept like this: “Do you keep a copy of Travels With Charley or Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children in your bag in case you get stuck in a waiting room, a copy of The Master & Margarita in your glovebox for long lines at the drive-through? Or has the ubiquity of phones and e-readers and similar made this obsolete? If you do, why is THAT your Emergency Book, and do you read it any other time or only when you find yourself at the DMV?”

So, do you always have an emergency book with you? What makes a book an emergency book? And what are your go-to emergency books? Do you stick to having physical books on you, or do you prefer to read ebooks and audiobooks while out and about?

Welcome to another week of LTB here at DTRH everyone! I am liking today’s topic, as I’m sure the bookish community can all relate to it, whereas my other friends might be like what? Why? Who does that? Or maybe it’s just me? Time to find out!

I like to carry around emergency books for sure. Or emergency Kindle? It is a bit too inconvenient for me to carry out an emergency book all the time, and I also don’t want to damage my books whenever I’m traveling. As a result I’ll usually be more anxious about keeping physical books on me on trips because of all the potential damages. But if I’m going anywhere with long waits I usually plan to bring a book, so I guess that defeats the point of emergency right?

I don’t always carry one around with me, and honestly that’s usually a source of regret. It always feels like such a waste of time to spend 20–30 minutes (or more!) doing nothing but staring at four walls that might as well be blank. In these cases where I’m trying to travel light, I will try to bring my Kindle. But otherwise bringing a physical book is of course a viable option as well. the DMV or medical wait times are just the best source of quiet time to read—there is no hurrying that system after all.

An emergency book is a book that you aren’t in an urgency to read, ironically. Because it is only pulled out during these odd sessions of waiting, I think for me I usually like to pick up something I don’t need to be too serious about, especially since you don’t know when you’ll get through a read-through, and you also have no idea at what point in your reading you will be interrupted. I think a classic emergency book would be like a bathroom magazine (or bathroom novels, in my case), where you can really read it anytime, no stress at all.

My go-to emergency books are usually books I’ve already read, or series I know are good and will give me some endorphins for the long wait. A lot of these books will be physical, but if I am trying to bring a book around that I have never read before, it will usually be on my e-reader, as I’ve already alluded to.

What do you all like to read for your “emergency” books? Or do you not do so at all? And are physical or e-books more likely for you, or maybe audiobooks? Let me know in the comments below!


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