Let’s Talk Bookish – Holiday Books

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December 23: Holiday Books (Aria)

Prompts: Christmas books and movies dominate the media during the winter season, but Christmas isn’t the only holiday being celebrated. Do you like reading holiday books at all? Have you ever read a holiday book about another religion? What about a holiday book not set during the winter season? If you’re religious but don’t celebrate Christmas, do you feel represented in the holiday media?

Happy (almost) Christmas everyone! And happy holidays to all the other celebrations going on at this time as well. Welcome to another week of LTB here at DTRH everyone. Today’s topic is suggested by our very own host, and I suggest you go check out her page (linked above) if you haven’t already!

I tend to read mysteries and thrillers, so I usually don’t read holiday books. But I think there are certain books that I read during the holidays, and that will usually enter the cozy genre. So cozy mysteries are always good by the holidays or during winter. I think the catch is something light-hearted around the holidays will always be appropriate for what I want to feel!

I haven’t read anything about another religion on purpose, but whenever it pops up in a book I read, I really appreciate it. It’s always nice to get a glimpse into religions you don’t know. I worry about picking them up on the fly, because I won’t be sure it’s an accurate representation of how it really is. But I just tend to take these things with a grain of salt, and treat them as little tidbits of information that I can at least appreciate.

I wonder what a holiday book not set during the winter season would be like. That would be something more akin to a beach read right? Maybe I’m just overgeneralizing though. Just something about a wintery cool season makes me want to sit down in a comfy chair and just read, and slowly go through the book at my leisure. Not sure how you all love to do your holiday readings!

I celebrate Christmas but I’m not sure that means it’s really represented in the media. It’s really been taken over as some sort of gift-giving party-hosting scheduling frenzy for two weeks (not that I dislike it). But in terms of the religious side of things, I feel that some of that is lost in the media portrayal, and becomes more capitalistic in nature. Still, I enjoy the time to see friends and family you don’t necessarily see often, and I think that’s always a blessing.

What about you all? Do you do holiday readings? And please do let me know if you have a good holiday read that isn’t set in winter (or autumn)!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish – Holiday Books”

  1. Thanks for sharing the link to the bookish holiday books on downtherabbitholeblog.com. It’s always fun to discover new and festive reads during the holiday season. I’m looking forward to checking out the recommendations and adding some new titles to my reading list. Happy holidays!


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