Let’s Talk Bookish – Halloween!

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October 28: Halloween Freebie!

Halloween is in just a couple of days, so this Friday, write about whatever spooky-season topic you want! Some ideas are: your favorite horror novels, favorite fall reads, or your favorite places to read and write in fall!

Welcome to another week of LTB here at DTRH! Today is a freebie, a free-for-all topic of discussion. I decided I’ll just take it easy this week and talk about whatever, and hopefully you can all relax as well!

I don’t usually buy too much into the spooky season and do and/or read anything particularly horrifying (or even on theme). Perhaps I’ll read something fall-themed, but as long as I’m relaxed, warm, and drinking a nice drink, any book will suffice. The usual thrillers I read are chilling enough to satisfy that winter spookiness. I don’t generally read a lot of horror, but I wonder if there are those of you that do! Let me know in the comments below if you do and why you like to read them.

Like I was saying, it’s really all about the ambience that I set for myself that makes it true fall reading – I’m usually reading the same stuff year round anyway. I have recently gotten out of a slump (hurray!) and that really helped me to plow through a bunch of books. I’d say what really got me out of the slump was being excited to talk with a friend who I recently found had a very similar interest in books as me. We traded a lot of titles, most of which we had both already read, and that really helped to spark my interest to both catch up and also to read more so that we could talk more about books!

As such, I’ve really been enjoying reading literally everywhere this season. Definitely in transit and on commutes, though that has its physical limitations (doesn’t prevent me from trying). I’ve just been using as many free moments as I can recently, despite my busy schedule to fit in my readings. It really has been super exciting and I encourage you to read anywhere anytime, even if it’s just for a little bit. It really helped the spark for me, and I feel less of a need to rush through books in one sitting (though guilty, I have done that nonetheless).

If you’re in a slump, I recommend talking to people who may have a similar interest in you and discuss what books you have read recently that you liked or disliked! I found it to be great when my friend and I would have an unpopular opinion together or a mutual dislike/like of a genre. I really felt brought together but it also made me remember why I loved reading in the first place.

Happy Halloween everyone!


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