Let’s Talk Bookish – Reviewing Books?

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August 12: Reviewing Books? (Rachel @ A Bookworm in Paradise)

Prompts: What makes you want to review or not review a book? Do you review every book you read? Are some books harder to review than others? Do you review books you disliked? If you’ve ever written a ranty review, have you regretted doing so afterwards? Do you delete reviews that are “outdated” or don’t follow what you think of the book now?

Welcome to another week of LTB here at DTRH! Today’s topic is all about reviewing books and I know we definitely all have our own habits when it comes to this topic. Can’t wait to see what everyone else has to say, but for now here are my own thoughts!

Exciting covers, synopses, or just general hype around a book will make me want to review it. Nobody wants to review a book they don’t even want to read, so that’s definitely the thing that grabs my attention the most when deciding what to review. The more excited about a book I am, or the more I feel an opinion strongly about it, the easier it is I find to write the review.

Books that are boring or hard to finish often give me the hardest time. I want to give even these books a fair review, and try to say who might enjoy it, even if it’s not me. However, these take more energy to write than something I really enjoyed (or hated), as you might expect. Answering the next prompt, yes I have reviewed books I’ve hated. But, like I said, I do try and find an audience that it might appeal to, and offer it as a possibility. I don’t like condemning books just because I didn’t like them, because who knows, it may be someone’s cup of tea, so I always try to keep that as a caveat.

I feel a lot of my reviews are a bit ranty! Especially the ones for which I have a lot to say. I don’t usually regret it though, they are my thoughts after all. Even if my thoughts were to change afterwards, the thoughts I had at the time are still valid I think! For that reason I don’t go back and delete reviews, but I think it’s okay if people do that. The blog is your self expression, and you can choose to express and curate your image however you like!

Does any of y’all find that you try and soften your negative reviews by saying “someone” might like it? Or is that just me? Let me know in the comments below!

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