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Typing Character Personalities (MB/Enneagram): Six of Crows

Welcome everyone to a new and experimental segment at Down the Rabbit Hole! We’ve been hinting at it and it’s finally here.

We thought it might be interesting if we were to take some famous characters from our favourite novels and do a personality analysis. We have chosen two common types of personality tests to apply to the characters: Myers Briggs (MB) and the Enneagram.

Below we have started with Six of Crows and the six protagonists. Both types of personality tests offer their own strengths in what they can show. See if you agree with our analyses below!

Kaz Brekker

MB: Architect (INTJ):
Imaginative and strategic thinkers, with a plan for everything.

Kaz is a huge planner and strategist, who also really knows how to hold a grudge. The mastermind always has a plan behind another plan, and even if his overly meticulously planning may be driven by a fear of the past, he certainly uses this drive to further his goals. Even into the sequel, Crooked Kingdom, this continues to be the case. With the way Kaz keeps to himself, it just made sense to me that he would be an introverted “strategic thinker.”

Enneagram: Type 8 –
Core Motivation: to be in control and protect themselves

It would likewise make sense to put Kaz as a Type 8, someone who thrives off of being in control. If anything can be said about Kaz, it’s that he’s protective of the very few people who are close enough to him to be called family. In that manner, he’d do literally anything to ensure their safety and control for all unpredictable variables. For someone in his position in a place such as Ketterdam, perhaps it’s best that he is this way.

Inej Ghafa

MB: Logistician (ISTJ):
Quiet, serious, practical, realistic and organized. Values traditions and loyalty.

Inej is certainly all those things. She is all things practical, perhaps too practical to the point of unfeeling. Once again though, there are reasons as to why she has been nurtured to such a point, but throughout both books Inej is certainly quiet and sneaky, acting as Kaz’s spider, and is always thoroughly dependable. She certainly values traditions and has her knives named and has her own little ritual for every mission. She is also extremely loyal to Kaz from beginning to end.

Enneagram: Type 1 –
Core Motivation: to be good and do things right

Out of all the Crows, Inej demonstrates the principles and beliefs she holds tightly to even while surrounded in an environment that more easily destroys such beliefs than nurtures them. While we went back and forth for a bit in deciding what her largest core motivation was, we ultimately landed on Type 1. She may come across as idealistic at times which influences disagreements between her and Kaz, but every group needs someone to be their conscience when things get murky walking the line in the morally gray zone.

Jesper Fahey

MB: Entertainer (ESFP):
Outgoing, friendly and accepting. Lovers of life, people and material comforts. Flexible and spontaneous.

Jesper was little bit more difficult to pin down a personality for, but in the end I decided on this one. Jesper uses humour as a defence mechanism, and doesn’t want people to to get too close. He is guarded due to his backstory and certainly enjoys his material comforts…perhaps a little too much. Outwardly he is fairly carefree and is approachable, even if it may be driven by hidden motives.

Enneagram: Type 9 –
Core Motivation: to maintain peace and be without conflict

He’s the fun, without-a-care kind of guy (on the surface) who makes the group laugh when they need it. While Type 9s are known for peacemaking, anxiety and pessimism with bursts of emotion are common when under stress. In his way of unhealthily not dealing with the serious matters in his life, Jesper displays a lot of qualities of a Type 9 in stress. I mean, there are a lot of things going for the Crows – especially conflict related – so it’s only understandable.

Nina Zenik

MB: Debater (ENTP):
Quick, ingenious, stimulating, alert, and outspoken. Resourceful in challenging problems. Good at reading other people.

I mean if that doesn’t describe Nina then I don’t know what does. She is certainly good at reading other people being a Heartrender and is all the above adjectives as well. While all the team members are quite resourceful in pulling off the heist, I found that Nina definitely had the most shining moments where she almost single-handedly turns around a sinking ship. She is quick, witty, flirty, and outspoken, and will not stand down.

Enneagram: Type 2 –
Core Motivation: to be loved and appreciated

Nina, besides the name of the kind of Grisha she is, does a lot of things from the heart. Even going head to head (and falling in love) with someone who initially sought to harm her. We put her as Type 2 as she also demonstrates such loyalty for Ravka as a soldier and her unending love for her friends. She puts them above her own needs sometimes. Her outward behaviour may scream loud and bold but her motivation seems to stem from love (to love and to be loved).

Matthias Helvar

MB: Advocate (INFJ):
Seek meaning and connection in ideas, relationships, and material possessions. Want to understand what motivates people and are insightful about others. Conscientious and committed to their firm values.

Matthias was another slightly difficult one to pin down, and this I attributed to his internal confliction. On the one hand, his feelings for Nina cannot be denied, but on the other, his upbringing and culture completely denies and defies these feelings, leaving him in a sorry state. Given that though, he really always had her best interest at heart, although he was still certainly always conscientious and committed to his firm values as a drüskelle.

Enneagram: Type 6 –
Core Motivation: to feel a sense of security and belonging

Oh Matthias. How I do love thee. He was very hard to peg down at times for his internal motivations as he’s not one to overly share. But taking into account his overall story arc wherein Nina challenges his whole worldview from his loyalty to his country and the beliefs they instilled in him, it says Type 6 to us. It’s the idea of wanting everything to be as it should be, and much of his story was figuring out what that would look like so he may gain some peace in knowing his place in the world.

Wylan Van Eck

MB: Logician (INTP):
Seek to develop logical explanations for everything that interests them. Theoretical and abstract, interested more in ideas than in social interaction. Quiet, contained, flexible and adaptable. Good at solving problems in their area of expertise. Skeptical, sometimes critical, always analytical.

Though Wylan certainly suffers from his own weaknesses, he also adeptly utilizes his strengths. I found that this personality description matched him the best, as he was often the one coming up with the logical and probable solutions using his hard skills, rather than relying on something like pure intuition or gut feeling. Quiet and slow to open up, he is certainly the learning type, and one who is fascinated in things he is interested in.

Enneagram: Type 5 –
Core Motivation: to feel competent and understand the world around them

Wylan, the most innocent one among the Crows, struggled a lot to feel like he belonged. He definitely has the skills with demolitions and seems to always be curious to learn new things from the others. In that sense, he’s most definitely a Type 5 with their yearning to be competent at what they do and their innate ability to store information to creatively add to their repertoire of skills.

We hope you enjoyed this new series! What do you think of our personality typing choices for these beloved characters? Please let us know in the comments below.


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