Let’s Talk Bookish – Book to Film Adaptations

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June 24: Book to Film Adaptations (Aria)

Prompts: What are your favorite book to film adaptations? What are your least favorite ones? Do you think that books translate better to movies or shows? Would you rather see a standalone or a book series adapted? What do you think is important for a successful book to film adaptation?

Welcome back to LTB here at DTRH, everyone! Today’s topic is often discussed and I think in this community, probably often agreed upon too. But I’d still like to hear what you all think, just in case I’m mistaken. I assume most of us prefer books; after all, why are we all here?

I would say I really enjoyed The Lord of the Rings series. Okay, true I haven’t really read the books, but neither do I have a particular interest in doing so. However, I do like the movies. Some books just lend themselves to cinematics, and the beautiful scenery that normally takes endless pages of descriptions can be wrought all at once in one panoramic shot. Such is the power of film.

One drawback of films is the inability to convey thoughts, unless there is some (cheesy?) voiceover. Emotions may also be difficult to get across, as they can be subtle, and often at the ability of the actors themselves. As such, books that are more about the thought process and the internal growth of characters do not always translate well into film, or at least have a slightly more difficult time. Books and words have their own drawbacks too, like being unable to have things literally be in the background, unspoken, yet seen.

I assume a standalone would often translate into a movie, whereas a series could become something like a trilogy or perhaps a TV series. Of course, this is not always the case, depending on the amount of content in the books. I think I would rather see something adapted that is longer in nature. While movies can be good, there is only so much you can fit into two to three hours. A series allows more character development and growth, and possible exploration of sidelines if the director so chooses. In general, I want to be able to enjoy the growth of the characters thoroughly (as can be the case in books), and I would like to see that reflected in movies.

I think some books just don’t lend itself well to movie adaptations, because there are parts that may just be a character thinking to themselves, walking through the woods. Too many of such scenes does not lend itself well to cinematography, and I can understand why often times things need to be adjusted from the book to fit the camera. I think both are valid and legitimate ways of enjoying a story, and that there is definitely a time and place for both.

I know Game of Thrones has many fans (both the TV series and the books), though I have personally not really dove into either. Do any of you out there know the comparison? I feel like I have heard many opinions on both sides, and I just wonder what the general opinion is.

How do you all feel about books vs movies? Anything you look for in particular? Or do you find that movie/film adaptations of your favourite books are often a let down? For me, I feel like my favourite books have way too much to fit into a movie, and therefore I am often disappointed (and left wanting) by the film. Does anyone feel the same way?


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish – Book to Film Adaptations”

  1. Great post! I agree what you said about how books can convey certain things better than movies and I do think certain books lend themselves more to being adapted but I also think it depends on how and who adapts the book. I loved the LOTR movies, including The Hobbit and though I haven’t read the LOTR books, I have read The Hobbit and really didn’t enjoy it 🙈 I read GoT up to the fourth book and from what I remember, the show stayed really true to the books up until the second season but then I stopped reading the books so I don’t how much it deviated 😂

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    1. I think the show ended up outpacing the books so they just went off on their own direction, from what I heard!


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