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June 17: Books on Vacation (suggested by me!)

Prompts: What books do you like to bring on vacation? Do you bring any books at all? What kind of books do you think are good for a vacation? How much time do you usually have to read on vacation? What does an ideal vacation with a book look like?

Welcome everyone to another week of LTB here at DTRH. Yes yes, today is another topic suggested by yours truly, and just something I was thinking of randomly one day. I always want to bring a book on a relaxing vacation, but how much I get to read it…well, that always remains to be seen. Yet I always feel bad if I don’t plan on bringing one, what’s up with that?

I will usually bring something paperback and portable. After all, bringing Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix is likely not the light reading I will be doing on a beach (in the shade). I suppose it also depends if this is a snowy winter retreat or a summertime bbq outing. But this is definitely the time to pull out those “cozy” mysteries or other light reads that might make you enjoy your surroundings more.

I do usually end up bringing a book for more vacations, if not just to fill up the inevitable down-times like waiting for transit or queuing up for something. E-books (or library apps) have also made this particularly convenient. I’m not sure if it’s the idea of bringing a book to read or actually bringing a book to read that gets me more. It’s probably one of those catch 22s: you’ll miss it if you don’t bring it, but won’t read it if you do, and either way you’ll feel a small regret. Anyone else get that?

I think in general, if it’s a relaxing type of vacation, lots of time to chill and read in a nice and calming environment can be very healing. On the other hand, trying to cram in reading time in a jam-packed adventure is probably not the best idea. I think I’ll usually try to read in downtimes, or when hiding from blazing sun, or perhaps right before sleeping when activities are winding down. Do any of you read outside? I am an indoor person in general, but I think reading in a hammock could be quite relaxing too.

My ideal vacation with a book would definitely be one where there are activities to do, but then downtimes to decompress and be with myself. I need those times to myself where I don’t have to interact with others, and I think a book provides a perfect excuse for just that (aside from a nice nap, of course). How do you all enjoy your vacations? Or perhaps are your vacations a time away from your books? Let me know in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish – Books on Vacation”

  1. I don’t choose the books I take with me when I go away based on genre, but I have enjoyed historical fiction a lot in themes times. One thing for sure though is that I always bring too many books with me!

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  2. I just got back from a Maine vacation. We spent most of the week lounging on the beach, so I hd a lot of time to read. I usually try to bring stuff on the lighter side, like romance. This year I brought a shifter romance and an Amish romance, but I also brought an anthology of classic nautical ghost stories called ‘Sea-Cursed.’

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  3. “It’s probably one of those catch 22s: you’ll miss it if you don’t bring it, but won’t read it if you do, and either way you’ll feel a small regret. Anyone else get that?” >> 100% yes, because that’s me all the time whenever I think about what books to bring with me on hols. It’s usually for the physical books since my Kindle is usually always fully loaded but I also never end up reading 90% of the books that I end up bringing with me. 😂 My ideal vaca is definitely away from people and most probably lying down somewhere surrounded by whatever books I decided to bring! Uninterrupted reading time… A dream!


  4. This was such a fun topic! Thanks for suggesting it. I’ve found that I rarely read on vacation other than on the plane or while waiting in the airport. My vacations tend to be either exploring new places or catching up whoever I’m traveling with so I don’t find a lot of downtime for reading. Over the years I’ve adopted the practice of buying one or two books as souvenirs if I can find something by a local author that I’m interested in reading (or if I find a really great used bookstore).


    1. Thanks Sara! Great comment too. I never even thought about that – but I should definitely try and look for books by local authors as souvenirs next time I go. Thanks for the idea!

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