Let’s Talk Bookish – Making Friends Through Blogging

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May 13: Making friends through blogging  (Rachel @ A Bookworm in Paradise)

Prompts: Is blogging a good platform for making friends? Is it only new bloggers that are going to make friends with one another? Does blogging allow for connecting with people of different ages and different backgrounds? How easy or hard has it been for you to make friends through blogging?

Welcome to another week here of LTB at DTRH! Today’s topic is about making friends on blogs, and whether it is truly a good platform for that. I know I have my experiences, but I’d love to hear how the rest of you feel too.

While I don’t think any sort of online platform is necessarily the best for making friends, I don’t see why blogging would preclude the possibility. It is usually easier to create friendships over online platforms when there’s more interaction (like in video games) but blogs where you can share common interests can also be the basis of a friendship! The main problem I see is that there isn’t exactly a “live chat” function which can facilitate getting to know one another.

I definitely don’t think it’s just new bloggers with the opportunity to make friends. Though I suppose new people would have more zeal to reach out and make connections, possibly forming the friendships. That being said, I think a seasoned blogger who welcomes a new member to the community would have an equal opportunity to form the relationship, just as much as the new blogger.

Blogging seems to allow for transcending age and background gaps. I think this is mostly because the relationship formed revolves around a common interest, and the interest in a book community has never been barred by something like age. Of course, generational or cultural gaps can always make some relationships difficult, but again, wouldn’t preclude the possibility.

For myself, I think I’ve made plenty of friends in my short(ish) time here! I recognize a lot of names in the community and it’s really nice to feel like different people share an interest and are just so friendly. The community is definitely one of the main reasons I enjoy blogging, and I hope it continues to be so.

What about you all? Have you made any friends in the community through blogging?


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish – Making Friends Through Blogging”

  1. I’ve made a few wonderful blogging friends over the years. As an introvert, I find it so much easier to engage with people I’ve never actually met when there’s already a topic at hand, and it’s been great to have some interesting and lively conversations with others, especially over the past couple of years. It can be tough sometimes to really know if you’re actually connecting with someone, but it’s definitely nice to have some people to chat with regularly.


  2. I’ve made quite a number of blogger friends & met some irl too! While it does feel like newer bloggers can have more opportunities, I think its all about finding the time to interact & getting to start conversation with other blogs!


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