Books To Read If You Enjoyed These Movies – Part 1

Have you ever been so immersed in a storyline that it just felt awful when it had to come to an end? I know I’ve definitely felt that way before when it comes to movies. I rewatch it over and over again but honestly? At some point, I just wish I could feel it like I’m seeing this story for the first time again.

Well, perhaps a BOOK with a similar storyline could be of help! So if you’re ever in the mood to read a similar plot line in book format, here are some I would recommend.

The girl who has to disguise herself as a boy and falls for a guy while pretending to be said boy

Sounds complex? They both totally give off Twelfth Night feels. While She’s the Man is very much a romantic comedy, I do feel this fantasy novel, Defy, brings out the romantic trope very well here. It totally gets complicated when the guy may very well never know her for who she really is. And that makes it all the more fun, right?

What really happened to Anastasia of Russia?

Disney definitely made Grand Duchess Anastasia’s story more popular with many believing the little princess could’ve actually escaped the fatal demise the rest of her family faced. Romanov is another great take on Anastasia’s life at the time of said family demise and is filled with magic and romance! I love the more historical and family focus of the book which may very well immerse you more into Anastasia’s story.

Slasher flicks where (most) everyone dies

I mean, I suppose a number of slasher flicks could’ve filled in this slot but Scream always came to mind. I’m not the keenest horror moviegoer but in case you are, There’s Someone Inside Your House takes the slasher movie genre and turns it into a book. It definitely reads like one but the up side (down side?) is that the scenes may stay in your head longer than a film.

Texting strangers who fall in love but never realized that they already know one another in real life

I fell in love with Anonymously Yours, the English name of this Mexican Netflix film and the cute romance brewing between two teens who couldn’t stand each other in real life but were catching feelings online. And what do you know it? Alex, Approximately has a very similar plot wherein romance brews online unbeknownst to two summer coworkers who irritate one another. Talk about catching more feels!

What do you think of these movies paired with books? It also works the other way! If you’ve read the book and wish to stay immersed in such a story, the movie may be worth checking out.

Any of these storylines catch your eye?

If you enjoyed part 1 of this series, let me know in the comments below!


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