Birthstone Covers: March 2022

Leslie @ Books Are The New Black created a fun monthly post featuring book covers that fit the birthstone of the month.This can be the color of the cover or the color in the title.

Anyone can join, just be sure to give credit where it’s due.

The month of March is represented by the beautiful aquamarine! I chose to represent this gemstone with light blue covers. Blue is one of my favourite colours and it’s nice that there are so many books that feature it so prominently.

I have selected a number of books I’ve read (reviews linked where applicable) AND some books on my TBR I hope to get to.

What do you think of these books?

And if you want to join with next month’s birthstone cover, you can check the image below!

I’ll be back with white covers next month!

7 thoughts on “Birthstone Covers: March 2022”

  1. Cover love! Blue is my favorite color, but tend to like darker blues more. I love that you went with a light blue for this though, especially since there are three blue birth stones.

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