Let’s Talk Bookish – Changing Book Ratings/Reviews

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion, where they discuss certain topics, share their opinions, and spread the love by visiting each others’ posts.


Prompts: Do you ever change your rating/review for a book? When or why would you consider doing so? Do you think people should be allowed to change their ratings/reviews? Is it important to make it known what the previous rating/review was if you’re changing it?

Welcome to the middle of February for another LTB, everyone. I’m definitely excited by today’s topic. It’s something that I sometimes think about, but I’m not sure I’ve ever really done in my reviews. Can’t wait to hear what you all think about it!

As a general case, I won’t usually go back and change a rating on a post that has already been published. I’m usually just too lazy, and the adjustments I want to make aren’t even that large (usually a change by a half a star Drink Me Potion). However, I do think about it often whenever I compare book ratings. Sometimes I finish a book and I rated it a 4, and the next book was better, but I don’t want to give it a 4.5. That makes me struggle a bit because giving two 4s make it seem like I liked them equally, when really I’d much recommend/prefer one over the other.

I think the main reason for changing a rating is when you think back in retrospect. When you first finish a book and all the adrenaline or dopamine and rush of emotions may actually affect your perception of the book you just finished. I sometimes will sit with it before making a final rating and I can make a more objective rating. That being said, a rating is totally subjective so sometimes I’ll just rate it exactly how I feel. Isn’t that the point?

While I don’t think it’s necessary or unnecessary to make your changes public, I think it certainly could be cool to see why someone changed their opinion! I certainly wouldn’t mind going to someone’s review and seeing they changed their mind over time for some reason. I think that sometimes, with more experience or more books, the way we feel about an old book can change. I mean, after all, don’t we all have different opinions about books we loved as kids?

One thing I will admit though (whether good or bad), I do tend to temper my own ratings when I learn what others think about it. Sometimes everyone will hype it up and perhaps because of that I won’t like it as much as I expected. Conversely, something I really enjoyed I may not rate as highly because others I talked to didn’t enjoy it as much for some reason. Do any of you experience that? I start off thinking I have a great book on my hands, 4.5/5. Someone tells me it was only a 3/5 to them for whatever reason. I then start reconsidering my own opinions and re-evaluating whether I’ve been too lenient. In that kind of scenario I’d likely end up rating it a 4/5! Does this happen to anyone else?

Not sure if I should hold onto my opinions more firmly. I think really considering what others say and see if their logic holds can provide a more objective review. But are reviews supposed to be completely objective? Most definitely not. Still, a part of me wants people to agree with my rating, so I guess at the heart of hearts that’s why I do it.

Let me know below if any of you can relate!

8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish – Changing Book Ratings/Reviews”

  1. Oh my gosh!! I do the same! I do revisit my rating after I read other reviews online. I know it’s not a great thing to do, but it just helps me to “reinforce” my opinion. Sometimes I encounter challenging points that make me rethink certain aspects of the story, if it makes sense? Same as you, if a book is super hyped about and I don’t think it’s worth it, I will feel more confident of my (lower) rating. Great post and great discussion!!

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  2. I feel the exact same as what you said in that sometimes a book is 4 stars, but then I read another book and it was BETTER than the previous book and how do I rate that!? I feel the same thing, its a struggle!

    I also agree that as we grow as people and readers, we change and can change how we feel about the book based on our experiences in life.

    I try and not read other reviews or influences before reading a book if I’m really looking forward to it. If a book is hyped up then I’ll go in with higher expectations and then to not like it as much and am disappointed.

    I think this was such a great discussion topic today and I agree with pretty much everything you said!

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  3. And here was me thinking I was the only one who checked other reviews to validate my opinion, and then might changed my mind based on what I read there! Yes, yes, yes to everything you said. I wouldn’t change the rating on an old blog post but I DO change it on Goodreads, which is my go-to site for reviewing/reading reviews.

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    1. Yeah ratings are not as easy as 1, 2, 3! Within each rating it seems like there’s a lot more nuance going on than meets the eye.


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