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Look Alike Covers Part 1

Hello blogging friends! I am unfortunately still feeling sick since Sunday and hope I’m on the recovery process soon, so this post will have to be a shorter one.

I wanted to discuss with you today something I’ve noticed on infrequent occasions where covers just look soooo similar to one another. I know no one lives in a vacuum so of course people get inspired by one another, but these ones just have a bit of an uncanny similarity between them.

I think I will make this into a series at some point, so this will only be part 1. Let’s begin!

Defy (Sara B. Larson) & Graceling (Kristin Cashore)

Both are high fantasy stories featuring a badass heroine who can totally handle herself well. While I know dagger pictures aren’t uncommon (maybe I should do a post of covers with swords sometime?), the green background and simplistic focus on the dagger do bring out similarities. A bookstagram friend pointed out this similarity to me.

What do you think? Look alike or no?

Long May She Reign (Rhiannon Thomas) & Control (Lydia Kang)

I suppose when YA people think of SCIENCE in their stories, you automatically get a beaker on the cover. Personally, I really like both covers a lot, and the blue hues contrasting the black background make it stand out.

What do you think? Look alike or no?

The Vanishing Deep (Astrid Scholte) & The Corridor (A.N. Willis)

Okay, this last one was the MOST uncanny resemblance I have EVER seen in book covers. Is this the same model doing both? Regardless of the model though, the whole positioning of it with the girl having her head stick out from some watery substance is just…I have no words.

What do you think? Look alike or no?

These are my pairings for now! What do you think about these covers? Have you observed any uncanny similarities between two books before? Let me know in the comments below!


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