2022 (Reading) Goals

Happy, happy new year everyone! I cannot believe it’s 2022, but I choose to be hopeful as we stare down another year that has blessedly arrived. I hope the year has started off well for you all, whether you celebrated quietly at home or were able to gather with others safely.

With this being said, I don’t quite take on New Year’s resolutions because so often the way it is framed suggest we’re setting up ourselves for failure or extreme stress to achieve such goals. So instead, I’m framing this as reasonable and attainable goals I hope to keep myself accountable this year. Start small and grow from there as habits kick in. Be flexible and just have fun with it.

Will you join us in making 2022 a great year to diversify and try new things?

  1. Read 80 books
  2. Listen to more audiobooks (maybe 10 at least)
  3. Read 1 poetry book
  4. Re-read one series and/or 3 standalones
  5. Read 2 non-fiction Christian books
  6. Spend more time in Scripture (once a day)
  7. Finish 90% of ARCs on time
  8. Choose ARCs with a stricter criteria instead of willy-nilly choosing
  9. Read at least 7 new BIPOC authors
  10. Not be afraid to DNF >1 book if necessary
  11. Participate in more buddy reads with fellow bloggers like you!
  12. Try out different blog posts (at least 1-2 others) not currently found here
  13. Read more from the library – only buy books if absolutely needed
  1. Read 60 books
  2. Dive into the ARC scene (and finish on time)
  3. Read a non-fiction book
  4. Read at least 5 works by Indigenous authors
  5. Read and engage more with other bookish blogs
  6. Reading a French novel
  7. Re-read an old favourite in another language
  8. Explore different genres for audiobooks (find one I like)

We’re wishing you all a blessed, safe, and joyous 2022!


8 thoughts on “2022 (Reading) Goals”

  1. Happy New Year. I feel exactly the same about resolutions, so I set myself “hopes”. Last year I hoped to read 3 or 4 non-fiction books but just never got truly inspired. I did make headway with all my other goals, including cutting back on arc reading by being more judicious in what I choose.

    I have quite a few series I’d like to re-read, though I also have quite a few I need to finish as well. I want to use my library more and only plan on buying books where I liked the arc (so that the author gets paid) OR where I am able to read the book straight away.
    Good luck to you both on achieving these goals.

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  2. Agree with you on ARCs Andge, one of my biggest goals is to actually read them within a reasonable amount of time. I’d also love to buddy read b/c I’ve actually never completed one before, I always plan one, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. I’m also going to make more effort to interact more with bloggers in the new year like Fives. Happy 2022! 🥳

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