3.5 star

Review: The Cookbook Club by Beth Harbison

New York Times bestselling author Beth Harbison whips together a witty and charming–and delicious–story about the secrets we keep, the friends we make, and the food we cook.

MUST LOVE BUTTER: The Cookbook Club is now open to members. Foodies come join us! No diets! No skipping dessert!

Margo Everson sees the call out for the cookbook club and knows she’s found her people. Recently dumped by her self-absorbed husband, who frankly isn’t much of a loss, she has little to show for her marriage but his ‘parting gift’—a dilapidated old farm house—and a collection of well-loved cookbooks

Aja Alexander just hopes her new-found friends won’t notice that that every time she looks at food, she gets queasy. It’s hard hiding a pregnancy, especially one she can’t bring herself to share with her wealthy boyfriend and his snooty mother. 

Trista Walker left the cutthroat world of the law behind and decided her fate was to open a restaurant…not the most secure choice ever. But there she could she indulge her passion for creating delectable meals and make money at the same time.

The women bond immediately, but it’s not all popovers with melted brie and blackberry jam.  Margo’s farm house is about to fall down around her ears; Trista’s restaurant needs a makeover and rat-removal fast; and as for Aja, just how long can you hide a baby bump anyway?

In this delightful novel, these women form bonds that go beyond a love grilled garlic and soy sauce shrimp. Because what is more important in life than friendship…and food?

This was another book I just randomly took off the shelf while I was at the library the other day. It is essentially a chick flick in a book format, which is not to say that it’s bad though. As a story revolving around food and three women facing their struggles and finding their way, this book really did live up to its cozy title, pretty much perfect for this autumn (borderline winter) weather.

The Cookbook Club is a story that revolves around three different women, each with their own newfound struggle in their life, be it love or life. This book follows their individual struggles and is told from their POVs, but each chapter or “month” there is a quick cookbook party summary of what has transpired, and what the latest gossip from the party was. It’s a cozy and fast-paced story, and I finished the book very quickly. It’s a simple feel-good type of story, but still manages to have some interesting themes.

Overall the characters were believable, and their struggles were certainly relatable as well. The pacing at which everything happens the coincidences that appear weren’t the most believable, but in this kind of book, I can forgive it for not having the deepest most intricate plot. It also wasn’t ridiculous in its plot devices, so overall it was an easy and quick read that I really enjoyed this time of year.

I definitely enjoyed the food content, and there was even some content in the book that included the character live-streaming to an audience. I found this part particularly relatable, as I tend to watch a lot of cooking videos on my own time, and I felt that the author did a good job replicating the way these videos would actually be filmed in real life.

Some of the struggles that were portrayed and handled were definitely interesting. Many subtle hints and themes were present in terms of tackling some of these problems, and I felt that it was a palatable and relatable way of presenting the information. Overall, this made it an engaging and interesting read, without being overly preachy or unrealistic.

Overall Recommendations

The Cookbook Club is a multiple-POV story that follows three women in their adult lives as they struggle through new roadblocks in life. In what can only be described as a chick flick book, it is an entertaining story that moves at a rapid pace. And lots of mentions of food, which is always appreciated. Overall it is a happy feel-good type of novel, and is perfect for the winter if you’re ever looking for an easy cozy read by the fire!


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