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Top Ten Tuesday: Online Resources for Book Lovers

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Hello friends! This week’s TTT was interesting although I can’t say I’d be the best resource for this topic. But since I couldn’t think of another substitute topic, here is my mild attempt at answering what my personal online resources for books are.

1. Bookstagram

I just started mine but the community has been absolutely fascinating and a totally different medium than what I’m used to in learning about exciting new books. I’m such a mood reader that it automatically adds 10+ books into my TBR in one go!

2. Booktok

I have also recently just started an account there but there’s such beauty in sharing current reads and personal recommendations there in easy, bite-sized pieces.

3. Twitter

A weirder recommendation maybe, but I learn so much about authors’ personal views of things (also in bite-sized pieces) – and maybe a scandal or two that’s like a car wreck, impossible to look away.

4. Storygraph

Also a little newer to this resource but I like the way it organizes books that I don’t see anywhere else. The stats person in me really digs the visual representations and unique ways of looking collectively at what I’ve read and what would be similar to those.

5. Goodreads

I started off looking at books way back in 2010 there – for an English assignment of all things – and it’s been a constant source for me for anything book related. Do I sometimes wish they would update things or make the functionality more pleasing? Yes. But at least it carries enough of the information I am looking for most of the time.

6. Book depository

I love the ability to browse all sorts of books that may not be so easily found in my own country, especially special editions not usually sold here. The free worldwide shipping is also a bonus perk when you want to share books with my global book community friends.

7. Blogs

Last but not least, I can’t forget to put THIS as a resource. I came into blogging because I love to share my thoughts about a book with others, and likewise get to hear theirs. I learn so much from all of you and it’s shaped what I read, which ultimately shapes who I become and how I see the world.

So thank you, for being a part of this wonderful book community. We may live all over the world but we can be united in our passion for reading.


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Online Resources for Book Lovers”

  1. I can’t believe I forgot about Book Depository but it’s an amazing resource especially since shipping is free worldwide! I started off in the bookstagram community and I found it to be equal parts inspiring and intimidating but eventually found the more relaxed pace of blogging more my speed 😂 Great list!

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