Let’s Talk Bookish – Promoting Diversity In the Book Industry

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion, where they discuss certain topics, share their opinions, and spread the love by visiting each others’ posts.


How can we, as bloggers, promote diversity of all sorts in the book world? What are some things you think publishers should do to promote diversity? Is there something a publisher or another blogger is doing right now that you think is a step in the right direction? What are some things you do personally?

A similar topic to last week, yet also super important and distinct in its own right. I definitely think that as bloggers, we should try and promote all sorts of diversity using our platforms. After all, beyond just speaking our own thoughts here on our blogs, it is also a chance to reach out to the world and try to make a difference, whether the actual effect be big or small.

I think as bloggers, if there ever is an opportunity, it’s good to give a shout out or a nod to the diversity, in order to promote it whenever possible. But similar to what I said last week, there isn’t really a need to try and shoehorn “diversity” into everything – focusing on diversity where appropriate is already more than enough to do our part.

Something we did here recently at Down The Rabbit Hole was to promote Asian authors, not only because of the recent news, but also because we are Asian, and it is part of our identity. It truly felt nice to have a dedicated post to promoting these authors, as many of them are amazing authors and deserve to have the recognition, despite the current setting around Asians in the news. I feel that taking the time here and there to do appreciative posts or shout-outs are the best way to naturally incorporate and promote diversity, to show that being diverse is the natural way of things, and not something that should be so foreign and “forced”.

Perhaps this is just my personal opinion, but having these kinds of opinions being forced down my throat at every opportunity tends to leave me feeling jaded. I prefer a more natural approach so that I can truly absorb and reflect on these types of issues, as I tend to naturally ruminate and contemplate (possibly overthink) these ideas in my head anyway. There are some out there though who don’t get the message unless it’s big and bold – so I totally understand the need for the strong messages too.

I personally am not too familiar with how the publishing world works, but I definitely hope that there are equal opportunities for all authors to publish, though I know that this is rarely the case. I would think that having different events promoting different kinds of authors or diverse content could be a fun and engaging way to get people talking about (and interested in) diversity. There may already be publishers doing this – please let me know below if they do!

Lastly, I personally try and read a range of authors whenever possible in order to broaden my perspectives. I don’t generally look for diversity in the actual content of the book, but I love when authors include diversity in their books, as it truly makes it feel more authentic to real life. It’s a funny balance where I don’t look for it, but if a friend recommends a book to me based on the diversity in it, I get all excited to read it. But maybe I’m just weird.

What are things you all do to promote diversity? Let me know below, and perhaps I will try and incorporate into my own life as well!

And that’s it for the March topics – I’ll see you next week for the start of the April LTB topics, which promise to be exciting. Please follow Rukky and Dani on their respective blogs, and feel free to submit your own ideas for topics too!

5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish – Promoting Diversity In the Book Industry”

  1. Spot on!
    I read what I’m interested in and I do like a wide range of themes, subjects and cultural diversity. I think bloggers-more so than just your average reader-can feel jaded when it comes to book selections. For different reasons I must say. For example: the so-called trends! In the last two years or so, I made a personal decision to read books based on where my heart takes me without the pressures of the media and so forth. It has made a big difference in my reading and I find myself searching for stories I might have otherwise skipped in the past. That said, I do feel that the publishing house misses out on so many opportunities. Especially in Historical Fiction.

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    1. Changing the big titans (publishing houses) will be the biggest hill to climb for sure!

      And I totally agree with just following your heart – after all, are we not all just trying to enjoy books?


  2. I think events to promote diverse authors could be really fun – and might help readers find authors who fit into the same spaces as them. It can be hard finding bisexual representation in books for example, but maybe if there was a panel/event that offered a bunch of recommendations it would benefit not only the authors, but readers looking for that sort of content as well!

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    1. Yeah, I totally agree! It’d be a good place where you know for sure that these are quality recommended books for diversity too, which is a nice touch. Hope they eventually implement something like this.

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