Merry Christmas: a Message of Hope

Hey everyone! I just wanted to also leave a post on this hopefully fabulous Christmas Day for you all. No matter where you are, I hope you find peace and love at this glorious time of year.

It has been a tumultuous year for me, and at times this blog was either a place of solace where I could just share some of the turmoil inside of me or a place that started feeling like it was more of an obligation than a choice to share my life and books with you all.

But through it all, I learned a whole lot. I learned to put more stock in my faith and trust that I’m getting to where I need to be, even when I can’t seem to see it (Prov 3:5-6).

I found someone amazing who makes me want to continually be a better person. Who challenges how I see myself and my world so that I may stand more firm in it.

And I have the support and love of a family I don’t deserve. Both by blood and by heart. I may have felt lost along the way at times, but I was never alone. This little elf always had God and people by her side, and for that, I’m always grateful.

So if you’re feeling down and alone right now on Christmas Day, I hope it’s a bit of encouragement to know that maybe we all just need to dig a little bit deeper to see who has always been there for us, even at our lowest points in life.

I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and to hopefully an amazing new year to come!

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