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Favourite YA couples

It’s the month of love and what better way to celebrate V-Day, Gal-Day or Me-Day than to go over some sweet romances we’ve lived vicariously through in some amazing books? Whether you’re in a relationship with someone or single, seeing love described in this way, in these situations, are always something precious to behold.

Forbidden love

This is one of my favourite tropes for romances – although I would hate to be in that situation myself as that would just plainly suck. But in a story, especially when you’re rooting for those two people to conquer all odds, I find it very satisfactory when their happily-ever-after is eventually achieved. They must all be really patient people ’cause I for sure would hate not knowing how it would all end.

My favourite couples for this particular love trope are:

  • Emma Carstairs & Julian Blackthorn (The Dark Artifices series) –
    Their whole relationship screamed FORBIDDEN on it, and I just lapped it all up. Oh, my poor Julian who feels so deeply yet can’t do much about it.
  • Suze Simon & Jesse de Silva (Mediator series) –
    I mean, Jesse’s a ghost and Suze is human so that basically means it’s impossible for them to be together, right? Yet they were perfect for each other, totally balancing the other out. It also totally helps that Jesse was muy caliente.
  • Will Herondale & Tessa (The Infernal Devices series) –
    I loved Will so much in that book, particularly the The Clockwork Angel where it turned out that he wasn’t being so awful for no reason. The feels were very very real for me throughout this whole series (sorry, Team Will all the way – no offense to Jem)
  • Cinder & Kai (Lunar Chronicles series) –
    My heart broke so hard for Cinder for her general situation, but her sweet moments with Kai could only come to a bittersweet ending, right? The long wait to see how a cyborg mechanic could win the heart of a prince was totally worth it though!

Slow-burn chemistry (or just pure chemistry!)

The stories where the characters realistically go through the stages of love makes it all the more realistic, you know? Not all of us are going to go through life with the highly romanticized versions that are so often seen in romance novels. I love these kinds of relationships as I wait with tingling impatience for these individuals to finally acknowledge what is there between them.

My favourite couples for best chemistry goes to:

  • Lady Helen & Lord Carlston (Lady Helen series) –
    While not much happens sometimes in the romance department between these two amidst all the battles they face, it’s undeniable that there’s something brewing in the space between them. I, for one, adore kick-ass females to find just as amazing men who truly appreciate them for who they are.
  • Beth & Ryan (Pushing the Limits series)
    For two people who initially couldn’t have been more different, their ferocity was really hiding some hot chemistry that ultimately led to their individual growth. The unlikely pair that was meant to be.
  • Isla & Josh (Anna and the French Kiss series)
    Forget about Etienne & Anna! Isla and Josh completely steal the show with their sometimes fast-paced but equally capturing love story. In the City of Lights, what more can one want for a pair that burns brighter than the stars for each other? Unexplainable connections just make my heart sigh happily.

Complicated emotions

And last of course, there are those relationships that just are complicated from the start. Whether they liked each other, hated each other, or it was unrequited love, there’s something to be said about the beauty of finding your way to each other even through all of the things that seem to be too large to overcome.

And the contenders for this category are:

  • Wanda & Ian (The Host) –
    Although they’re no Bella & Edward – for which that could be a really really good thing – their relationship was initially hostile (hello, alien) but turned into real care and love as they got to know each other. If anything’s complicated, it’s this pure piece of relationship between a human and an alien who loved her human host more than her own life in the end.
  • Jemma & Ryder (Magnolia) 
    Talk about the opposite of Romeo & Juliet. They didn’t want anything to do with each other no matter how much their mothers wanted them too. Yet, underneath hate, another equally strong feeling may just be there all along. Can you resist that kinda relational discovery? I sure couldn’t.
  • Abby & Cooper (Love, Life, and the List) –
    I am a sucker for best friends to fall for each other. To me, that’s the ultimate form of a relationship as it’s definitely beyond just the physical. What better foundation than a solid friendship? Complications getting to that conclusion aside, of course.

    I hope you all had a wonderful month/day filled with love. No matter where our life situation may be, I hope we all had the time and chance to share love with someone/some people in our lives. After all, there is nothing greater than love in this life.

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