Review: Ice Kissed by Amanda Hocking

Series: Kanin Chronicles #2

ice kissed -amanda hockingIn the majestic halls of a crystal palace lies a secret that could destroy an entire kingdom…

Bryn Aven refuses to give up on her dream of serving the kingdom she loves. It’s a dream that brings her to a whole new realm…and the glittering palace of the Skojare.

The Skojare people need protection from the same brutal enemy that’s been threatening the Kanin, and Bryn is there to help. Being half Skojare herself, it’s also a chance for her to learn more about her lost heritage. Her boss, Ridley Dresden, is overseeing her mission, but as their undeniable attraction heats up, their relationship is about to reach a whole new level—one neither of them is prepared for.

As they delve deeper into the Skojare world, they begin to unravel a long-hidden secret. The dark truth about her own beloved Kanin kingdom is about to come to light, and it will change her place in it forever…and threaten everyone she loves.

4 Drink Me Potions

Following the aftermath of events in Frostfire, Amanda Hocking didn’t disappoint me with any middle book syndrome. I found Ice Kissed rather compelling and intriguing.

As I mentioned when I reviewed Frostfire, the whole premise of this strange, almost fantastical world set WITHIN our every day world is very unique. It definitely intrigues me more than say, if this was a whole new and separate world of its own. This second installment didn’t go out into the human world but the land of the Skojare tribe (of trolls) was nicely explored.

With the Skojare Queen still missing, Bryn feels like she failed at her duties and mission to bring her back. Many questions were thrown about. What happened to her? If they found her, was she a part of whatever weird conspiracy that was going on with the Kanin tribe’s most wanted criminals? I loved that there were always things to wonder about, never quite making the story boring even when the pacing wasn’t terrible fast or anything.

I was scared that there was going to be some horrid love triangle in this series, but I’m happy to say that I may have read the implications wrong. Ridley is still his amazing self, and as their relationship gets more complicated after crossing that line past friendship in the previous novel, Bryn can’t seem to hide even to herself just what he means to her. Although I like that their growing attraction is developing, I’m very pleased that it wasn’t the centre of the story. Trying to figure out what is going on with the Skojare and how it may relate to the Kanin’s current problems was definitely the highlight, and it made the whole story more enjoyable.

My one complaint would be that I wished the story was a little longer, or at least held some more substance. There are questions, but there are few answers given. The Kanin are preparing for war, and Bryn has no idea who she can trust anymore. Maybe the bad guy Konstantin Black isn’t all that bad after all. Everyone’s motives are so hard to predict. It’s awesome – and frustrating at the same time. I’ll be impatiently waiting to figure out the answers in Crystal Kingdom when it comes out.

Overall Recommendation:
Following Frostfire, this second installment, Ice Kissed was pleasantly enjoyable while still carrying on some of the intrigue from the previous book. Ideas of conspiracies are afloat and Bryn isn’t sure who she should trust. All the while, the steady but complicated relationship with her boss Ridley is ever present. Their growing attraction has to be dealt with, and it is the only promise for something good in a future that only seems to hold bleak events. War is looming and Bryn has no idea who her allies are. With a great set up for the final conclusion, Ice Kissed was entertaining in itself as a novel, but definitely added to the greater picture.

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