API Appreciation Month 2022

May is API (Asian Pacific Islander) appreciation month, and I wanted to take this time to continue celebrating and amplifying their voices. Growing up Asian, I never saw myself in the books I read. So when I started dabbling in creative writing on the side as a fun hobby, even the characters I created weren’t Asian. It’s something I had to reflect a lot on over the years. Why wouldn’t I choose to write about experiences of people who had childhoods like me? Is it perhaps it was never seen in publishing that I didn’t think it was a relevant story to include someone who wasn’t white? Is this why even the pen name I had chosen for myself didn’t even include an Asian last name?

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3 star

Review: Such a Winter’s Day by Carlene Thompson

Juliet Reid wasn’t able to save her murdered brother almost ten years ago. Can she face her demons to stop an ice-cold killer in their tracks a decade later?

Nine and a half years ago, Juliet’s talented brother Fin should have returned home. He didn’t. When Juliet set out to find him that snowy winter evening, she made a devastating discovery.

Now, Juliet returns to the small town of Parrish, Ohio to celebrate her twenty-fifth birthday with her parents. But when she arrives, she receives the shocking news that her father appears to have committed suicide. Why was he so distant shortly before his death? And why was he suddenly asking questions about Fin before his brutal murder?

As Juliet tries to come to terms with another family tragedy, she finds herself at the center of a series of spine-tingling events. What chilling secrets did her father uncover, and can she stop an ice-cold killer who’s determined to keep them hidden?

A relatively new book and definitely a new author to me. The synopsis was interesting and had great promise (and hence why I picked it), but ultimately a couple of things fell short for me in the execution of the whole thing. Still, I think I’d be open to reading some other books by this author because there were definitely elements that I liked.

Such a Winter’s Day revolves around our protagonist, Juliet, who lost her brother nearly 10 years ago. Since then she has left town in an attempt to leave that all behind her. However, another family tragedy strikes when she returns home, and her grand homecoming becomes a huge nightmare. A classic tale of the tragic past coming back to haunt, just what was the truth behind the murder of her brother so many years ago?

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top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I was Excited to Get But Have Yet to Read

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

It’s REALLY starting to feel like summer here, like we skipped most of spring to get to sweltering heat that does NOT relent. So while I’m sweating buckets, let’s reminisce about this week’s TTT topic: books I bought and still haven’t currently read them yet.

That happens a lot to other people too, right?

I had so many books to choose from because it’s sadly a thing I have? The books I own get the least priority to be read because ARCs and library books all have due dates. Darn you due dates.

I can probably come up with more excuses for why I am SO behind on books I own, but let’s just dive into some of the ones I chose to admit to.

You can judge me, I fully give you my permission.

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