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Let’s Talk Bookish – Choose Your Own Adventure

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July 29: Choose your own adventure!

You choose what to write about this week! It can be anything you’d like. (You can also look at old topics from my archive & from Rukky’s.)

Welcome to another week of LTB here at DTRH, everyone! This week it’s—oh look, it’s choose your own adventure! I have done most of the weeks LTBs, so I’d rather not reuse a topic. Instead I guess I will take the chance to reflect on my experience reading lately; hope you all don’t mind!

Recently I have been super busy with many things happening in my life. So much so that reading has become a borderline chore, and I have to try and keep up with my reading goals. That being said though, I still have really enjoyed the books I have read recently, which is a boon. I do however look for shorter and shorter reads in order to keep up. And it’s only the summer! When September rolls around I am sure it’ll be even worse in terms of keeping up!

I definitely feel the lull again of the low-reading tides, but I think I should embrace [my own adventure]. Keeping up with reading goals is just something nice to maintain, but a reminder to everyone that there are ebbs and flows in all goals! And that’s okay. I think I am still learning to be okay with it and to not feel too “behind” on my goals. There will be periods where I will read quickly and get lots of reading down and there’ll be other weeks where I am way too busy for that. It is good to keep a broad perspective and not to scrutinize the week-to-week (or even month-to-month) too closely, I think. At least for the sake of my own mental health.

I’m glad that I still enjoy reading (even when it’s so rushed!) and I will definitely take a break if I feel it getting worse. Just a friendly reminder here to all those who are feeling a bit burnt out by their goals or their work, and to not worry too much about taking a break! If it ever becomes not fun, you can always back away for a bit, and/or re-prioritize your goals. I’m cheering for all of you!

How are you all feeling lately about reading? Are you in reading slumps or reading frenzies? Or somewhere in between? Let me know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish – Choose Your Own Adventure”

  1. Summer is always my slowest reading time. We go outside a lot and seem to have a lot of social engagements. But it’s been rough trying to keep up with just my arcs. I haven’t really read my personal books in a month or two. Next month is insane and I did it to myself. lol. I do hope that you find your groove or if you need to take a break, do it!! It will only help 🙂

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